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Why Ontario (and especially Toronto) is better than Quebec

1. PR is easier to obtain

After your WHV in Ontario, you can apply for permanent residency straight away. In Quebec, before getting your PR you have to do the CSQ or the PEQ (don't ask me, I don't even know what it is). Small thought to these poor French people who have 25 months to wait for their PR request.

Come to Ontario ! And if you are fluent in french you'll obtain additional points.

2. Winter is ok

In Quebec, it's freaaaking cold. So yes, I compare more with southern Ontario to Toronto where the winters are milder. But hold on ... because it's relative. We still hit -20 or -30 from time to time ... but at least we can open the door to our house without having a wall of snow behind. Well, it's true that we can't throw the pot of hot water out the window to make snow. But hey, it's not a big loss.

3. Less Frenchies

I came to Canada for a change of life. Quebec is full of French people. And sometimes when you go to certain districts (hello Le Plateau), you have the impression of being back in a district of Paris.

3bis Flights to Paris are cheaper

And yes ! Look at all these little French people who settle in Montreal! Obviously for the Christmas period, tickets to France are very expensive. Everyone wants to go see their family. In Ontario, we don(t have this issue and it's way easier to find flights to France (and often cheaper).

4. We're not in lockdown

If quarantine isn't for you, then avoid Quebec. We're doing great here, and we're less likely to be in lockdown. But hey, on the other hand to go have a beer on a patio, we start to freeze.

5. Very large cultural mix

I am not saying that in Quebec there is none. But more than 50% of people in Toronto are not even Canadian (native). Which is great for cultural mix. We will never judge you on your accent when you speak, and in addition, restaurants of all nationalities are available all over the city. We even have Italian, Greek, Portuguese, Korean neighborhoods ....

6. It's easier to find a cottage by the lake

We all know it !! The great Canadian Dream during the summer is to take a huge cottage in the middle of nowhere, by a lake with bunch of friends. Imagine that in Ontario there are many lakes !! You will be able to travel less distances and find more cottages near you. Be careful though, Canadians take it seriously in advance for this kind of reservation. It is also sacred as Thanksgiving for them.

7. You'll become billingual faster

Practice makes perfect... Even if it means coming to have an experience in Canada, you might as well learn a language or improve it. You will see, in no time you will become fluent in English and you will be switching easily from one language to another.

8. Easier to find a job

So maybe not right now with the Covid. But speaking, Ontario (and the greater Toronto area in particular) is a land of professional opportunity. In addition, if you speak French, you arrive with a sought-after skill that fewer people have (and with borders closed at the moment youhou !!). You will be able to sell your French side to companies for which you would never have thought of working for.

9. Raccoons everywhere

They are too cute with their little face and their little thief mask on their eyes. It is not uncommon to see them lying around in summer. On the other hand there are also skunks everywhere ... and that I would have done well because it can throw something very stinking in your face ...

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