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Here are the posts about Covid-19 crisis

Canada: Projets

Protest in Toronto

I interviewed random people with one question: Why are you protesting?


Get your vaccine part2

I will explain to you how to get your second vaccine and how to ask for a day off.

Penser l'homme sur canapé

After 1 year of Covid

I explain to you my feelings after 1 year of crisis.


Extension of the PGWP

With the Covid, the Post Graduation Work Permit is subject to an easier extension.


What to do in Toronto?

Find out what you can do in and around Toronto during lock down!

L'homme regardant à travers une fenêtre

Quarantine assessment

Time flies ... Yesterday I reached the 4th week of quarantine, and it's time to summarize it.

 Jeune femme Contempler

What to do in quarantine

Ideas to help you pass the time during quarantine!




Vaccine QR code in Ontario

As of January 4, 2022, Ontario makes it mandatory to present a QR code for proof.

imperial pub.PNG

9 pubs to celebrate reopening

Are you looking for must-do bars to celebrate the reopening? Follow this guide to find out.

arrivée avion.jpg

Quarantine hotel

With the Covid, now you have to do a 3-day hotel quarantine for $2000 but what is it really?

Rapports de revenus fiscaux

Tax Reduction

A tax reduction has been implemented for people working from home.

filmores message.PNG

Best of quarantine in Toronto

Find out the stupidest things I could observe during confinement!

Femme, à, masque papier

Apply for CERB

Find all the details here to access the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit

Drapeau américain

Traveling to the USA

Do you want to travel to the USA during the Covid? Quickly find out what you need for traveling.


Get your vaccine

I will explain to you how to get your vaccine efficiently and quickly in Toronto.

old guy.jpg

WHV is Shit

9 reasons that explains why the WHV is crap and all in humor!

Femme, à, masque papier

Apply for CRB

3 new benefits are proposed by the government after CERB for economic recovery.

Signe ouvert

The Covid threat

Discover the poignant testimony of Finas Arafat, owner of Page One café in Toronto.

Les gens de musée

17 museums online

During quarantine, you can access to museum online !


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