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Canada: Projets

French store equivalent in Toronto

When you are new to Canada, you can quickly lose your bearings, let me guide you.

En attendant le métro

Public transportation

Find out everything you need to know about transport in Toronto (prices, schedules). As a bonus, links to applications!

Fancy Coffee

Find a job

How to find a job when you have just arrived in a city as an expatriate ?

Ballons colorés

15 free places for your birthday in Toronto

It's your birthday ! Here I reveal the places that offer you free things to offer you the best of days.

Marché d'hiver

Christmas Market

Here I tell you about my stroll in the Christmas Market in Toronto. Feel the atmosphere.



Ontario VS Quebec

The great debate is finally over. Find out why Ontario is better!

carte ohip.jfif


All the administration steps for you and get the OHIP card.


Chambre lumineuse

Find an accommodation

Finding accommodation in Toronto is hard and expensive. Discover all the tricks to make your task easier.


Pass the SmartServe

If you want to work in places where alcohol is served, then the Smartserve is essential for you.

Chefs discutant sur la nourriture

1 month at Daniel & Daniel

Discover my story through a job I never thought I would do: assistant chef.


Fill out TD1

I will explain to you how to fill out this form which is given to you during your first job.



Everything you need to know about the TEF to take it and get the most points for your PR.


7 anecdotes about Toronto

Do you want to know more about the city of Toronto? Then discover my anecdotes here!


Marteau de juge

Labor law

Discover the Ontario labor law decrypted and popularized by fizzy travelers for you!

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