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Canada: Projets
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15 things to do in Canada

All about the essentials to do when you come to Canada.

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With some friends, we therefore decided to leave for Vancouver in order to escape the restrictions during the Covid.

Les hommes avec calculatrice

Tax Return

That's it you live in Canada! Here I'm going to show you how easy it is to file your taxes.


TEF Exam

Everything you need to know about TEF to success for the PR.

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In this blog post, you'll find the beautiful landscapes I found in Tadoussac. But also how to watch whales.

Man Essayer App

Choose your package

There is one thing you have to keep in mind: in Canada, telephone plans are very expensive ...

Feuilles rouges

10 Canadian facts

Canada is a country with a culture that may be different. Find out what differences here!

Ax Tree Stump

11 Québec sentences

Article only in french with expression from Québec region.


Create your SIN

Discover the process to create your Social Insurance Number!

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Get your PR

THE permanent residence. I will explain to you in detail how it happened for me.


WES for PR

Find out how to apply for WES and translate your diplomas for a visa application.

Carte de crédit

Credit Score

Everything you need to know about Credit Score, explained in 5 minutes.

Office Talk

Pôle emploi in WHV

Blog post only in french regarding french administration.

Directions du tableau de bord de voiture

Driver's license

When you arrive in Canada, you need to change your driver's license, here are the steps you need to take.

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Algonquin Park

Discover a way to visit one of the most famous park of Canada during a short day.

Vérification du texte sur un document

Work Holiday Visa

How to apply in 5 steps.

Serrer des mains

Open a bank account

Find out about the process and how to choose the right bank for you!

Rapports de revenus fiscaux

Tax Reduction

A tax reduction has been implemented for people working from home.

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Northern Ontario

Discover my Roadtrip in Northern Ontario via Manitoulin Island.


Omega Park

Safari located in the Quebec region which allows you to meet a wide variety of animals.



Here I am going to prove to you in this article that there are many things you can do while coming to Ottawa.


Rent a car

You want to know everything about how to rent a car at a better price and without worries, click here.


Learning English

Here I teach you all the little tricks to progress quickly on your English for free!

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