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Benefits of permanent residence in Canada

When you become a permanent resident, you may not realize it, but there are a number of benefits available to you. Here are just a few I've found for you!


Free English and French lessons

If you already speak one of the two languages well, this program can help you develop the second or even perfect it. I'd recommend checking out Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC), which has lots of resources for this kind of learning. These classes have a wide range of timetables, and some offer to look after your children so that you can attend classes.


Employment and internship services


One of the hardest things for newcomers to Canada is finding a job. I talk about that here. The hardest part is finding a job in the industry that suits you and matches the studies you've done.

his is just one example of a center that will give you a guide full of advice on finding work in Canada, as well as activities such as job interview practice and how to create a Canadian CV. And if you don't want to work, you can check out FIN Federal internship for newcomers: a program that gives you the chance to gain experience on a temporary job with federal, provincial or municipal organizations in Canada. Every year, there are plenty of opportunities available. Click here to find out more

This program gives you access to paid internships and Canadian experience. To be eligible, here's what you need to do:

  • Have been in Canada for less than 5 years

  • Have completed a diploma evaluation demonstrating the equivalence of a Canadian bachelor's degree.

  • Have at least 3 years of international work experience in your chosen field.

  • Not have already accepted a paid internship through the Career Edge program.

Easier access to social security (OHIP for Ontario).

In most parts of Canada, you can get OHIP as long as you have a job. Being a permanent resident gives you the same health care rights as Canadians. To apply for these services, please read this article.



Even if this doesn't apply only to permanent residents, you can get discounts on banks by waiving fees for your first 2 years. This applies to all newcomers for the first 5 years you're on Canadian soil. Ask your banker to find out more, as different banks come up with new offers every year.




Access the official government application: Canoo! Simply go to the application, create an account and link it to your permanent resident card. Thanks to this card, you'll get 50% off Via Rail trains for your first use, and FREE access to most of Canada's museums and national parks. A huge advantage if you're also here to discover Canada and love hiking.

An easier visa for your loved ones

Now that you're a Resident, you'll be able to sponsor relatives who wish to become permanent residents themselves. This process facilitates family reunification.

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