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Which phone plan to choose for Canada

One thing you have to realize is that in Canada, phone plans are very expensive. Where I live in Ontario for example, a package including unlimited calls and 4Go of Internet will cost on average between 50$ and 60$ per month! That's a lot! You can find the phone comparators here to test (Ontario).

My advice is to switch to Free when you go to Canada. For 20€ per month, you will get the possibility to have unlimited calls/sms and 25Go of Internet (with an excellent coverage!).

What are my rights with Free?

When I'm in France, I can call all the countries that are on the map below. However, when I'm in a country outside France, I can only call France (mobile/fixed) and the country I'm in (fixed/mobile). Ex: I'm in Canada, I can call all Canadian and French numbers but not American.

How long can I use this package?

All year long according to the free website here. However, if you read the fine print of the contract, if you use your data and calls outside of France for more than 4 months in a row, free will reserve the right to overcharge you after having warned you (within 15 days).

I don't have much time before my departure, how can I take out a free package?

It is possible to take out a Free package at the last minute. To do this, go to a Free store and order your chip directly from an automatic terminal. A chip will be delivered directly by the machine with a ready-to-use package, the recharge of this chip is then possible on the Internet and is without commitment.

Finally, be aware that most of the places and papers you will fill out will ask you for a Canadian number, I advise you to install the TextMe application, an application that will allow you to have a Canadian number (depending on the internet connection) for a little less than 10€ per month. Once the Canadian number is chosen, when you receive a call, it will sound like someone is calling you on your phone, and the sms will be received on the application (which will work over the internet).

With this free+Text Me technique you will have unlimited SmS/calls and 25 GB of internet for only 30€!

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