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What to do around Toronto during this Covid period ?

Here we are! The end of lockdown already started and we are allowed to move. But if you're in Toronto ... what can you really do ?!

Don't forget public washrooms are not available right now in Toronto !

Don't worry I'm here to give you some tips ;)

Take a walk on Harbour Front.

Do you want to see the bay? Go for a walk in the Harbour Front parks! Follow the coast on Toronto Music Garden until you reach Harbour Square park. On the way, you will find deckchairs with beach sand; or a large colorful chair that will be waiting for you in the middle of the lawn. You can even take beautiful pictures during the evening, with the bright CN Tower.

A picnic at High Park

This park is perfect for a picnic. With shaded corners, you’ll feel like walking in the forest... There is the line 2 of the subway nearby, it will be a perfect spot to respect social distanciations. So don't wait! Take food out from your favorite restaurant and enjoy your meal in the wild! :)

King's Mill Park

Also accessible by Line 2, this park will allow you to take a stroll and clear your mind.

Take a ride

Take your bike and try one of the bike road along the shore . Ride from east to west and discover a magnificent landscape !

Strolling in the Distillery District

Even with its shops closed, the Distillery District remains a very beautiful place to wander around and admire the architecture of the buildings.

Getting to Red National Urban Park

It is a National Park located north of Toronto. It will be possible to stroll there from June 1. One can access by taking metro 2 to Kennedy and then the bus 86c.

Go to Algonquin Park

If you have a car, it's time to reconnect with nature and access this tremendous park. You will come across a spectacular flora and fauna (especially with the current weather). In addition, until May 31, access to this park is free!

Niagara Falls

Yes I see it ... you behind your screen who held you back for a long time to see them .... you want to reach this much coveted destination! Well, yeah ! You can access and see the falls right now. Of course, there will only be the view to admire since most of the attractions and guided tours closed. But what would we not do to admire the falls ;)

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