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What to do after Quarantine ?

We have been in confinement for almost 2 months… I asked you on Instagram what do you want to do after confinement and here are your answers!

See your friends

The answer of the majority... After these two months, we miss human contact and we become on edge. Even talking with the cashier becomes more fun than staying at home. So, after quarantine, what will it be? Get together around a barbecue wearing masks, drink beer cans in paper bags while chatting from a distance on a bench (and yeah ... because consumption is prohibited in public places)?

See my family...

After friends, you miss family. If you are confined near them it is frustrating! If you are in another country it is another problem! It gets really complicated and any trip to see them does not guarantee your return to the country you are currently in.

Go to travel right after

It is tickling more and more people to move. Unfortunately, I know this crisis will come to an end but I think that our way of traveling will be changed in the coming years. I know that will not stop the most reckless of you!

A long diet

So I don't know about you, but I cooked and ate so much during this quarantine !!! Cakes, passing through risotto or pies… in short, only rich things; and all this while staying at home! I think that the gyms will make a a lot of money on our back as soon as this confinement ends.

I quit and enjoy Toronto life

Of couse ! This could be a great example to follow, you were tired of all this time locked up! Here is a great opportunity to enjoy life again. And who knows ... find yourself and work for a job that really suits you !

Good resolutions

"Buy local as much as possible" : What a good idea! In France many calendars exist on seasonal fruits and vegetables for example. On the other hand in Canada hostile ground so much it is cold… well we also have seasonal calendars for Ontario (click here) and Quebec (click here).

"Avoid buying products from China" : indeed, if we can avoid buying products that cover thousands of kilometers, it will do us good!

"Try to get closer to zero waste" : This is a good idea! I try to take only products with recyclable packaging, but the only concern and that I have a lot of vegetable waste and there there is not a lot of compost in the cities. But maybe soon...

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