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WES application for the PR

When applying for Permanent Residence, you will have the opportunity to earn more points by submitting your diplomas from your home country. But for this, they must be certified by agencies in Canada. I'll explain how it works step by step for the WES website. First of all, I advise you to start this step AT LEAST 3 months before your PR application, because it is one of the longest.

WES: what is it ?

WES is an organization that will translate your country's diploma into the equivalent of a Canadian diploma for visa applications.

How much does it cost ? In all, WES costs $ 250 for each diploma.

How long does the request take? The time is variable depending on your ability to convince the administration of your school. It takes about 2 and a half months for a quick application.

Les étapes

You will only apply for the highest diploma you have (for me it was a Master).

You will then have to fill in all the possible information on your diploma, establishment, year of graduation ...

Once the payment is established, you will be asked to send your diploma by scan AND the sending by your school under sealed mail of your obtained marks.

My advice: By scan put your diploma as well as all the marks you obtained during your year of study.

The sealed mail

This is the most delicate part of the process. To avoid any confusion, I advise you to call by phone the person who will be responsible for sending these papers.

What is in the envelope. To play it safe, I advise you to attach: your diploma, all the notes related to your diploma, the WES transcript application form (which you will have pre-filled).

Ex : if you only did a technical degree (2 years), ask to send the grades for each semester in the envelope. For a bachelor, sending the 6 semesters. For a master, the sending of 4 semesters. And for a diploma only obtained in one professional year, it will only be the sending of 2 semesters in the mail.

The sealed envelope. A sealed envelope is sealed with: the stamp of your establishment (overlapping the opening of the envelope) coupled with the signature of the referent of the establishment. This will allow the WES service to ensure that no opening has been made during the sending of the mail.

My method : I contact the administration of my school, in order to explain to them who I am and the documents I wish to make. Subsequently, I write an email explaining the procedure to follow:


Following our conversation this morning on the phone, I am giving you the instructions I received to do my diploma translation for Canada.

This is a transcript to be sent under seal as explained in my attached document. There is also a document: Transcript request form to fill out (in French).

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or additional information.

Mr. Fizzy

Former student (specify the name of your training as well as your years of study).

Instruction pour l'envoi relevé de notes
Download • 246KB

Download PDF • 83KB

In attached document 1, I put the explanatory video of WES to allow the person to make a sealed envelope.

The timelapse.

2/3 weeks: Beginning of the process and sending of your documents by your administration.

2/3 weeks : Time of receipt and updating of your status documents received on WES.

1/2 weeks : start of processing of the file by WES

up to 30 days : processing of the application.

My time: I was very lucky in the speed of the data processing and my school, it took me a month and a half.

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