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My assessment of 4 weeks of confinement

Time is running out... Yesterday I reached the 4th week of confinement, and it's time for the Review.

How is the work going?

I am one of those lucky people who were able to keep their job during their WHP. However, I know that it is difficult to work from home every day. That's why I chose to separate the place where I telecommute (my room) from the place where I do other activities (the living room). My job is to test mobile applications, something I can do from home without any problem. The secret to working well remotely is to always build a schedule that you can stick to.

What do I do with my free time?

If you too have been struggling to find things to do to fill all that free time, I'll explain what I do to give you some ideas. First of all, I continue to exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. This allows me to compensate for the physical activity I used to do when I went to work. I also thought that it was the right time to educate myself by taking online courses in fields I always wanted to study (like marketing or computer science). I also started to read books (in English please!), in order to continue to improve my language skills during my stay. Finally, I spend a lot more time working on my website, and creating content for you 😉

How do I experience it on a psychological level?

This is a very good question, because we all live this moment of mid-life in a different way. You, who are reading these lines behind your computer, may be experiencing this separation from your family and friends in a difficult way. As for me, when I lived in Paris, I had already been unemployed for six months and I had to organize my days in a productive way. Also, I couldn't really go out because I didn't have enough money to do activities. It was a difficult time, but it taught me discipline. So I try to look at this confinement as if I were unemployed again (minus the social contacts).

See the good side of things

It's a time to question yourself, to take time for yourself and to think about what you really want in life. For me here, it allowed me to refocus on myself and to finish some projects that I had put on the back burner for a long time. I also heard from my family and friends, but also from people I had had trouble keeping in touch with since I left for Canada.

Let's see what is happening to us as an opportunity to change and not necessarily as a fate! Yesterday's system will be forever changed as a result of this crisis, that's for sure. But it also means that tomorrow's system will need new people with new ways of thinking. You will have to take advantage of this to get ahead, preparing today what YOU will do when you come out of the confinement.

On these last lines, I wish you a multitude of projects which will allow you to advance every day and to reach one by one the objectives that you will have fixed for yourself.

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