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How to take advantage of Black Friday

An event that you certainly did not miss as it has become international. However... here in Canada it's much more worth it than in Europe, follow me and I'll guide you through Black Friday to help you find the good deals.

What is Black Friday?

It's a period of exceptional sales that takes place on the 4th Friday of November. It is mainly followed by Cyber Monday (which is a sales period for online retailers). Where it gets interesting is the bargains you can get. When you have only 5% to 10% in France, here we can offer you -50% / -70% very easily!

But what is the most interesting in sales?

When you are a newcomer, you need to buy a lot of things: furniture, electronic equipment, phone and internet plans.... This is when you should buy most of the things you want by making a list throughout the year. Usually, some good deals start the week before Black Friday or are revealed to the general public in advance to be available the same day. Since many people are trying to get rid of their old stuff and buy new, this is also a good time to check out Market place and Kijiji to see if you can pick up some really good furniture or electronics for cheap.

Why is it important to look at deals in advance?

You see all the videos of people rushing to the stores? Sometimes that belong to the past because you just have to order online... However, some stores are old school and will only allow you to buy the items you want the same day. That's why some stores will open on Friday morning at 5am.

The deals

Canadian Tire: You will find a lot of kitchen utensils, pans, but also sports equipment! Maybe it's time to start skating! This is where you will often find T-Fal pans at 70% off!

Wallmart: You can find everything, personally it's where I bought my TV at a very low price but also a kitchen garbage can (don't ask me why but it's hard to find a decent size in Toronto).

Best Buy: From electronics to furniture to smartphones to video games, it's worth a look.

Uniqlo: If you're looking to dress for winter, now is the time! Uniqlo has many warm jackets for winter, I saw a really good one for only $80. Having bought the same one for $300 a few years ago, I'm surprised at the price.

Babbel: Want to improve your language skills? Babbel is offering you 60% off during Black Friday, perfect if you're a newcomer with a few gaps in English or want to learn another language.

Fido, Rogers, Bell : You want to change your internet or phone subscription because yours is too expensive? Take a look at the different offers of the main providers. You might be surprised.

Amazon: Although I'm not a fan of Amazon, it's true that it's always worth taking a look for promotions on unusual items or phones.

Ikea et Struktube : Go check out the deals in these stores for furniture! Ikea launches for the first time the Green Friday, an event that pushes the resale of furniture between individuals. There is a chance that you will find more good deals than in other years.

If you have brands also favorite clothes, video games,... I advise you to follow them because you will have in the next few days a lot of things that will appear.

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