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How to get your vaccine ? Part 2

Today is a special article that explains how to get the vaccine. Here is what you need to know.

Who can receive it ?

Starting Monday, all people who received the first dose before May 10. The Planning Calendar is as follows:

How to book ?

You need to bring your OHIP card (Ontario Health Card) and they will ask you for the number. This works even if it has expired.

But the best way is to call directly 1-833-943-3900 to book. You will then be asked for your first and last name, zip code and address and will be given a date for the first and second shot. If you get a busy signal, try again and again, your call will eventually go through. It can take more than 30 calls in a row before your call is not rejected. By choosing French as well, you will have less waiting time because fewer people in the area speak the language. Don't worry most of these people speak english as well.

I don't have an OHIP card !

No worries, you have 4 solutions:

  • Go to a pop-up clinic with a proof of residence (license, rental contract...)

  • Get information on the website or call the clinics and hospitals closest to your home.

  • Associations in some areas will help you make the appointments for you if you have difficulties. For more information click here.

  • Make your OHIP card by making an appointment at Service Ontario. If you bring all your documents, you don't get the card but you are given a social security number to use. I explain in this article the documents you need to obtain this card.

Appointment regarding you first shot.

Of course, depending on the first dose you received, you will not have the same type or length of appointment for your second vaccine.

  • If you received the Astra Zeneca vaccine you will have to wait 12 weeks before taking the second vaccine, 8 weeks for some provinces like Ontario. You will be able to take another Astrazeneca dose or a Moderna/Pfizer.

  • If you received the Moderna/Pfizer vaccine you will have to wait 28 days before taking the second vaccine.

There is no more appointment available !

If you are unlucky enough to run out of space, you can still look for opportunities to get vaccinated in a walk-in clinic. You will have to wait in line at some locations without being 100% sure to receive a vaccine. A facebook page regularly updates the surplus of vaccines that will be available here soon.

The little tip I can give is also to go to the website of the hospital nearest you. There is usually a number to call to reserve your vaccine for covid.

Taking days off for the vaccine

This is a part I didn't cover in my first article. You are allowed to take up to 3 days off work (consecutive or not) whether it's on vaccine day, as well as if you have symptoms (paid by the government).

With the second dose, you are more likely to have symptoms. The government covers up to $200 per day. This includes all employees. Unfortunately, there is no compensation for freelancers. Ask your employer right away. Click here to learn more.

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