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How to get the OHIP card?

You may already have your health insurance linked with your WHV or your visa. But did you know about OHIP or Ontario Health Insurance Plan? This card will allow you to be treated, or to make an appointment with the doctor without paying upfront for expenses. Of course, for some specialists, it is better if you have a company health insurance. On the other hand, before using it, check if it is worth it, because the prescribed drugs are not reimbursed even though they are with some visa insurances ;)

How to get the OHIP card?

Apply for your OHIP at the Ontario service (with or without an appointment). They will ask you 3 documents (2 for citizens and permanent residents).

Proof of identity : Passport, Ontario driver's license, credit card ...

Proof of residency in Ontario : A bank statement with your address on it, an electricity, water, phone bill, or even a tax return. You must have been physically present in Ontario 153 days in the past 12 months.

Proof of work in Ontario: This is the part that made me come back to the Ontario service twice ... You absolutely need an original hand-signed document with :

  • your name first name.

  • duration of the contract (starting and ending date).

  • proof that you have already worked 6 months and that you will still be working until a determined date.

  • the mention in BLACK AND WHITE : full-time work . Even if you work 40 hours a week, the agents will not count it as full time. This should be written by your employer.

  • the paper is signed and dated.

  • the title of your job.

  • the company is based in Ontario.

The last document is to be provided in general for people on WHV or having a work permit. So your OHIP card will be valid until the end of your contract. In case of renewal, you will have to return to Service Ontario to reapply for a renew.

If you want to have a sample letter here it is below. YOU CAN ALSO DOWNLOAD IT BELOW.

Example employment letter
Download PDF • 100KB



To whom it may concern,

Please accept this as confirmation of employment for XXX XXXX .

XXX is working on a contract with COMPANY , in the position of TITLE in Ontario, Canada.

XX is presently compensated at an hourly rate of $ PAYMENT CAD per hour, typically working X hours per week at full time . He has been on contract with COMPANY since STARTING DATE and is expected to finish the contract on FINISHING DATE .

If you have any questions or concerns, please or call XXX at NUMBER .



What the card covers

With the card, you can be covered without paying upfront (depending on the centers) for:

  • appointments with the family doctor.

  • visits to walk-in clinics and other establishments.

  • the emergencies.

  • medical tests and operations.

  • abortion ( mifegymiso pill under prescription, surgery in clinic or hospital).

  • hospital stays (nurses, doctors, diagnostics, medication provided only in hospital).

  • ambulances depending on the circumstances.

Note : Unlike France, Ontario, drugs are not reimbursed when you go to the doctor. The only covered drugs are those given to you in hospital.

Once your request is made, you will receive the precious paper in the following weeks by post. You are a little more Canadian than at the start. WELL DONE.

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