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How to find a job in Toronto?

Arriving in a new city, in a new country... That's quite a program! Maybe you already speak the language, or maybe you're not familiar enough with English yet. Don't worry! Don't forget that the 2 official languages of Canada are English and French, so you're bound to find something you like! Also take into account that more than half of the people living in Toronto come from abroad. So I give you as much information as possible to start your search.

Searching in the street

Yes, you are not dreaming! A good part of the jobs such as waiter, cook, cashier or dishwasher are available directly in the street by posting the sentence "We're hiring! You can also go resume in hand directly in the stores / restaurants / bars to show your determination to find a job and explain that it is within the framework of your WHP. Don't forget that there are some specificities on some jobs.

Waiter: you will usually be asked to have previous experience as a waiter, few beginners are taken in the popular streets like King St. or Queen St. This tipped job can be quite popular so it is highly possible that someone with experience will go before you. You can also start out as a dishwasher, and once you've proven yourself, you'll be promoted to a server.

The SMARTSERVE: For establishments serving alcohol you will often be asked before taking your resume if you are SMART. This has nothing to do with your intelligence. In Ontario, to serve alcohol, you have to pass a certificate on the internet (French is available I assure you). It costs about 30 dollars and can be done in 2 days. I put you the link here while waiting to make you the article on it.

The ads on the internet:

If you are looking for jobs in your field, I recommend a list of sites to go to every day. Don't worry, to make it easier you can create automatic searches that will give you a day by day update of the new ads posted in the sector you are looking for.

  • Indeed

  • LinkedIn

  • ZipRecruiter

  • Google Job

I don't speak English, what job can I get?

Don't worry! Many French people who arrive in Canada do not speak English and can do jobs in call centers, or in French establishments (bakery, kitchen, ....).

Be present everywhere...

Register on temp agency websites, this will only increase your chances of finding a job faster:

  • Adecco

  • Randstad

  • Kelly services

  • Bilingual Recruiters

  • Bilingual One

  • Manpower

  • altisHR

Ads on Facebook

Toronto has had a significant turnover of French people every year since the WHP became popular. Some people who leave their job go directly to look for a replacement by posting an ad on a Facebook group. This is how I found one of the jobs I work for:

Mobile applications

There are mobile applications that allow you to find a job or just replace a person who is absent for a shift (often a day). Take advantage of this opportunity to prove what you are worth. If the experience went well, maybe you can ask directly to work for the person in question.

  • HYR: personally tested, I got a job as assistant chef with this application

  • 7 shifts

  • Victory Agency

  • Employment Canada

Create your own opportunities

Toronto is a land of opportunities, don't be afraid when you go to see an employer to ask if your English is bad, there is a 50/50 chance that they have been there too. As for your diplomas, even if they are French, we will of course prioritize your real skills. For engineering jobs, in order to judge your skills, you will be given an exercise in the field you are applying for. If you are confident and sure of your skills, everything should go well.

If you apply all of these tips, you'll see how job hunting is a full-time job in itself!

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