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How do I apply for a WHP for Canada?

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Watch out ! This tutorial has been made first for French and Belgium people. Differences could exist for other countries.

Step 1

To apply for a WHP, you must first register on the Canadian immigration website, for this you must either use a connection partner, or connect with a CG Key. To create a CG Key click here.

For a complete tutorial and to choose the right option to start a WHP I recommend you the website pvtiste which explains well the steps in pictures ;) CLICK HERE

However, keep in mind that there are some conditions to meet such as age. You can apply for a WHP until the age of 35.

Once you have created your account, you will need to choose the pool for which you are registering. Choose the EIC that is similar to the PVT. You are now registered in the pool.

Step 2

Now you will need a good dose of luck, because the rest will depend on a draw. Once you are selected, you will receive an invitation to submit your application in your immigration account. You will be asked to upload the following documents

  • Family information

  • Your CV: giving the last 10 years of work/graduation in addition to your diplomas. It is very easy to type and without photos.

  • Photocopy of passport

  • Photocopy of both sides of the identity card

  • A passport type photograph

  • Payment of 335$ CAD (about 230€)

  • Fill out the family information document: click on the link to download the document.

  • Don't forget! The more precise you are in the documents you provide, the faster your application will be processed.

Once all the documents have been sent, you will receive confirmation that the application has been sent and transmitted online.

Step 3

In the following days, you will receive a "Biometric Application Letter", this letter will ask you to come to a Canadian Immigration Center to take your fingerprints. The website offers you to make an appointment but it can take up to 1 month to get an appointment. Some of these centers just allow you to go there but some will only accept you by appointment. Ask before you go.

Step 4

Once this administrative hell has passed, you will soon receive a letter confirming the validity of the biometric information given.

Step 5

A little wait.... and soon after you will receive a letter validating your PVT application! Now all you have to do is pick up your official document when you arrive at the Canadian airport.

Once at the airport, you will be asked why you are coming to Canada and how many days you will be staying. If you provide an approximate number and the AVE number found in the letter, you will be redirected to an immigration office where you will be asked for several documents:

  • This WHP Validation Letter

  • Your passport

  • A bank statement proving that you have at least 2,500 Canadian dollars in your account or a return ticket to your country

  • Proof of your health insurance

You will then get the precious PVT ! Don't lose it ;)

WARNING: It can happen that there are mistakes at the airport. If you are French you have the right to 2 years and not 1 year. Some agents are not aware of this and do not put a correct date on your PVT. CHECK

Here are the deadlines for the different steps:

Step 1: May 19, 2019

Step 2: June 6, 2019 (I was drawn quickly at random that is rare)

Step 3: June 7, 2019 (appointment made on the 21st)

Step 4: June 27, 2019

Step 5: July 2, 2019

Rq: The duration of your WHP may vary due to several factors: the expiration date of your passport, as well as the expiration date of your health insurance. Think about it to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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