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Gifts ideas from Canada

Christmas is coming and you'll finally (maybe) see your family for the holidays. You wonder what to get them. Every year it's a headache! Why don't you give them something from Canada? Follow me, we'll go over the gift ideas.

Ice Wine

I'm not going to recommend red or white wine from Canada, but ice wine is their specialty. It's like a moelleux but sweeter. You will find something to please your family with this typical Canadian gift.

You can find small bottles (50cl /70cl) around 30 dollars.

Maple syrup

This is the ultimate Canadian gift. Between lollipops and jars of maple syrup, there is no lack of choice. Don't spend your money in a souvenir store and go straight to the nearest supermarket. You'll find very nice bottles in the shape of a maple leaf (or in an iron bottle for those who are afraid it will break). Price: less than 10 dollars

Popcorn specials

Food-wise, this is one of my favorite things. It's pretty expensive but I think it's a genius idea to mix popcorn with mm's, Oreo or even snickers! An experience that the person will remember! Price: between 6 and 7 dollars a pack.

Chips with strange flavors

Did you know that some chip flavors are only found in Canada? Or at least only in North America! You might want to surprise your family by bringing them some Pickle, Ketchup or All dressed Chips.

Price: between 3 and 4 dollars per package.

Butter tarts and Nanaimo bar

This is a typical Canadian pastry. You can buy a package the day before you leave, it keeps very well at room temperature for a few days. Enough if you want to share a piece of Canada to your friends.

Price: about 1.50 to 2 dollars each.


You probably have friends who are NBA, field hockey or baseball fans! Here you can bring them official sportswear from different Toronto teams! My favorite team, the Raptors, have a cool design!

If you find it too expensive in the specialty stores, you can find in a Winners or Marshalls tops around 50/70 dollars.

Warm clothing

You don't live in Canada for nothing! How many times have you had friends or family tease you about the temperature in Canada? It's time to show them that yes, it can get cold in the winter, but we have some great clothes for them. You'll be able to find in many stores special Canadian warm clothes to offer to your friends and family ;)

Price between 50 and 100 dollars


If you know people with a sweet tooth, it's time to see what Canada has to offer. It will cost you a dozen dollars, but you'll attract curiosity. Here's a list of what you can find:

  • Aero

  • Coffee Crisp

  • Caramilk

  • Crispy crunch

  • MMs Peanut Butter

  • Mackintosh’s Toffee

  • Kitkat popcorn

Prices between 2 and 3 dollars each.


You're more into drinks? Then bring your typical Canadian beverages, don't hesitate to buy Tim Hortons coffee beans or a Molson Canadian on the beer side. Thanks to you, your family will also experience the acidity of Tim Hortons coffee and the fleeting taste of Canadian beer. A good way for your family to invite you to the restaurant once they understand the tasteless drinks that surround you.

Price Beer: $3.50

Coffee: $5.00

Aboriginal craftsmen

If you're looking for a unique and handmade gift, I recommend accessories made by native Canadians. If you do some research on the internet, you can easily find beautiful creations! Here is an example for Toronto: CLICK HERE

On average 20/30 dollars

Native art

Inukshuk statues through many drawings or paintings/postcards, if you know someone with an artistic soul or open to learn about the culture of the natives, here is your gift of choice. I put a little site here for you to check out.

All kinds of prices

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