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Get the QR code of the vaccine in Ontario

As of January 4, 2022, Ontario is making it mandatory to present a QR code for proof of vaccination. If you got your vaccines in Canada, with or without a health card, I explain it all in this article so you can still have access to bars and other activities!

Vaccinations in Ontario with the green health card

This is the easiest option. Whether your health card is active or expired, the province has automatically created a QR code that is linked to your card. To access the website click here. You will then be asked directly for your health card number, your date of birth and your address linked to your card. Your QR code will be created in an instant.

Vaccines in Ontario without a health card

If you have done this at a health center in Ontario, you should have kept your proof of vaccinations. You need to contact the public health unit in your postal code. You can find the number for your postal code here. If you have contacted them before, they should have given you an ID related to your vaccines that you should then contact the Provincial Vaccine Centre. Here is the number below and the hours of operation.

Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre:


Contact center hours:

8 a.m. to 8 p.m., 7 days a week

I have had my vaccines or one of my vaccines outside of Ontario

If you have had any of your vaccines in a different country, you may be able to convert them if you have them reported to a public health office near your postal code. To get the number, use this site.

I have caught covid, is it worth the same as a dose?

It is not possible to turn a positive covid PCR result into a vaccine dose even for the third dose. On the other hand, between the infection and the vaccine when it comes to the third dose for example you will have to let some months pass. Do not hesitate to keep your positive PCR test with you to justify why you are not up to date with your doses.

I hope this article has helped you even though the process can be longer to turn a vaccine from a foreign country into a QR code. Happy New Year anyway!!!

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