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Complete the TD1

Congratulations! If you are here, it means that you have found a job in Canada .... and that the employer has sent you a document asking you to fill out a TD1. And now you're wondering what this thing is and how to fill it out? I'm here to explain everything and show you how to fill out this document ;)

What is the TD1 ?

The TD1 is the personal tax credit declaration. Basically, you will declare to your company the amount for which the salary you will earn will be exempt from taxes. You have to fill out a TD1 when you change jobs within the same company or when you change companies.

Example: If the total of your TD1 is $13,808 that means that on your net salary year $13,808 will not be taxed by the Canadian taxes.

Personal information.

First of all, you have to fill in the basic information at the top including your SIN. Here are 2 pieces of information you can ask yourself:

Employee number: you have to ask your employer, I didn't have one so I left it blank.

The country of residence: If you have been on Canadian soil for less than 183 days, then you are not considered a resident of the country. For my part, I wrote France as I arrived in Canada recently.

The 10 boxes to fill in

If one of the boxes does not correspond to your situation, do not fill it in and leave it blank. Boxes 1 and 10 must be filled in regardless of your situation. Most people only have to fill in these boxes.

The basic personal amount: if your salary is between $0 and $151,978 then you automatically enter the amount of $13,808

Here is what the other 9 boxes correspond to:

  • Line 2: Age amount

  • Line 3 : Pension income amount

  • Line 4 : Disability amount

  • Line 5: Spouse or common-law partner amount

  • Line 6: Amount for an eligible dependant

  • Line 7: Ontario caregiver amount

  • Line 8: Amounts transferred from your spouse or common-law partner

  • Line 9: Amounts transferred from a dependant

  • Line 10: TOTAL CLAIM AMOUNT - Add lines 1 to 9

That's it! If you want to know if you can deduct expenses on certain lines, you can find their explanation directly on your TD1 ;)

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