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A day at Omega Park

You came to Canada to hike but also to meet wildlife. The Omega Park is made for you! It's a godsend if there are animals that you wanted to see. You'll find what you look for there.

Omega Park is located halfway between Ottawa and Montreal. It's a Safari, so you will follow a marked route that will allow you to meet a multitude of animal species. When you arrive at the entrance, you could buy a bag of carrots to feed the deer that are on the path. And do not worry that they'll wait you for it. They gather in front of the park entrance, patiently waiting for you to hand them a carrot through the window. Keep in mind that it is forbidden to feed the males during the fall, period of rut (if you want to prevent a male from charge your car). You will also be able to enjoy magnificent landscapes throughout the walk.

With my cousin, we entered the park assailed on all sides by deer looking for food. They make you understand that they are hungry by licking the window of the car ... and if you open it, then a deer head will come in your car to say hello to you. Indeed, to obtain their precious carrot, they are not shy! On a long route you will always see deer that you have to watch out for, they are either lying on the road or blocking your way to be fed.

Some animals are impressive to see from his car: bison. When this animal comes to stick near your window, you wouldn't like it to charge you. Imposing and majestic at the same time. in complete contradiction with on the other hand in an enclosure of arctic foxes. Those cute furballs start chasing your car, yapping. Seeing them your heart can only melt. On the other hand, I was surprised when I saw a sign: do not give carrots to foxes ... But hey, if the sign is present, it is because people have certainly tried!

Another encounter that also marked me was that of the caribou. Already for its size which is quite impressive and then because it was woodless. By asking the managers of the park, I learned that indeed deer and caribou lose their antlers every year in winter just after the mating season. Besides this season ... let's talk about it! Do you miss concerts canceled during the Covid period? I offer you a sound festival of fat cries of deer seeking to attract the female, a feast for the ears!

The Wolf Workshop

Several times a day, the wolves are fed and presented by one of the people from the park to the wolf observatory. The latter will explain everything there is to know about a pack of wolves and the Alpha and Omega. An exciting and interactive moment that will consolidate your knowledge.

Places to walk and relax

In several places in the park, you will find corners to walk around. You will find these at the Land of the First Nations and the farm of Yesteryear. We were in the fall and were very lucky with the color of the leaves on the trees. This will allow you to sit down, walk and listen to the silence. Under your feet you will only hear the rustling of the leaves ... and if you are lucky you will make beautiful encounters with the animals of the park. It is always a magical moment that will leave you with beautiful memories in your head.


Hours: Every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (last entry at 5 p.m.)

Price: $ 33 per person click here to order

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