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9 reasons why the Work Holiday Visa is shit

So we've been in this pandemic for almost a year now. I write this article more as a release of all the bad energy and bad faith I have. It's not to be taken very seriously but it relates to real facts. The second degree is not just a temperature :)

1. Because it should be called LWHV

Honestly at this point, we really feel that our visa has turned into a Lockdown Work Holiday Visa.

2. Because Canadians finally have the perfect excuse not to see you!

Canadians are notorious for not telling you things to your face. And if they don't want to go out with you, they always find good excuses to cancel! They finally have the best excuse in the world that they can use every day: Oh sorry, there's Covid you understand....

3. Because Canada doesn't give a fuck about its immigrants

Ahlala.... we had been sold a dream when we left for Canada. Come join us they said! We will welcome you with open arms on the promised land... you will easily find work, we will do everything for you. On the other hand you have up to 2 years waiting for your next visa, you understand it's covid (see reason number 2). Otherwise go home.

4. Because Canada will accept anyone but will not process files

Ah yes, lately the IRCC has been emptying its PR request pools like a toilet flush! So that's great, isn't it? 27,000 people accepted in a single day. On the other hand, it would be nice to also process the files of people who are waiting :)

5. Because after the WHV, you have a wide choice of visas to choose from.

Yeah, but don't worry! If your visa runs out, the government offers you the super status IMPLICIT. It becomes the second most coveted status after permanent residence. Oh great! I can't wait to get this status too! If you don't have a job, you can't find one, if you have a job you better not lose it. If you go back to your country you can't come back to Canada. But yeah understand us.... it's covid. Dougy Dougy.... you should get moving and think about your immigrants and their papers instead of making videos on how to say stay at home in 31 languages.

6. Because we're being judged by Canadians

Ohlala but you go back to your country, as it's not gooooood to travel, it's covid ! I think that some people still haven't understood that going back to your country to see your family wasn't synonymous with vacations for us expatriates.

7. Because Toronto is ugly

Go ahead and think about it too. We won't lie to ourselves, without its bars, restaurants, animations, events... We are left with a big greyish city full of condos under construction where the only people you meet are the junkies screaming in the street. On the other hand for a next Conjuring filmed in Cloverfield's style it's the perfect setting.

8. Because I'm tired of fighting with the raccoons

In these difficult times, when I go through the garbage, they are aggressive. Moreover, they don't play fair and always walk around in a gang.

9. Because I'm French

Well, yeah, you didn't know that? French people are never happy and then we complain all the time. Plus we're not going to lie to ourselves, the food is disgusting in Canada, it lacks refinement.

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