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17 museums to visit during quarantine!

This is the end of the third week of quarantine and I know how hard it is to stay at home. Here I will share with you the museums which offer a virtual visit. You can enjoy the experience with virtual reality goggles as well as with your computer.

Canadian Museums

Images in Stone : discover a virtual exhibition on rock art in Canada, a good reason to revise the prehistoric age.

The Ursulines : A guided tour of the Ursuline Cathedral in Quebec, in video and commented, I highly recommend.

Montreal Holocaust Museum : find on this site video testimonies of 25 people who survived during the Nazi persecutions of the Second World War.

Kingulliit : discover here the generation of Inuit born in the first 30 years of the 20th century. It's time to find out about the natives of the continent!

Bunker : explore a small Canadian town at war.

The soundtrack of our lives : discover a museum based on your sound experience throughout your life. I’m a fan of the sensory evaluation, I highly recommend this museum!

Avalanche museum : it's time to test your knowledge and learn more about this subject!

Corsairs : An interactive museum on the corsairs of Lake Saint Laurent. So... it's not Pirates of the Caribbean but it's still very interactive. ;)

Urban fauna : Have you ever come face to face with a raccoon in the city centre? Do you also know the other species present near the cities of Canada?

Elsie Reford : Museum telling the story of a feminist personality who helped change the vision of things. Museum largely in video.

French museums

Louvre : Do you miss visiting museums in Paris? Thanks to this link, discover pieces from the Roman era, the Apollo gallery or even Egyptian antiquities.

UMA : Large museum in virtual reality with a multitude of exhibitions

Parisian roofs : Have you never had the opportunity to participate in a rooftop or live high up in the beautiful neighborhoods? This site allows you to project yourself on the Parisian roofs.

Quai d'orsay : Are you more the type to visit the ministry? Then this visit is made for you!

Musée de l'Orangerie : Discover the collection of Claude Monet's Nympheas through a virtual visit!

Discover other countries!

Rijksmuseum : You must visit this Dutch museum! For the record, it is in this museum that is housed La Laitière (yes like the French brand).

Degli Uffizi Gallery: Go to Florence to discover Italy during the Renaissance!

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