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15 best things to do in Canada

There are a lot of things to do when you come to Canada! I've put together a list of things you absolutely must try if you come to this country!

1. Swim in a frozen lake

What better way to cool off than to go outside in -15 degrees and take a swim in the lake? An experience to remember.

2. Eat a poutine

A must in the country. Fries bathed in meat juice and melted cheese, fill your stomach! If you're craving more, you can even add some meat on top.

3. Axe throwing

This is the typical Canadian activity. A good old-fashioned axe throw at a target with friends. It will test your dexterity and precision.... And who knows, maybe later on you'll be able to chop wood as well.

4. See whales

In both Eastern and Western Canada, there are many whale watching cruises. And if you're lucky, you might even see one jumping!

5. Visit a sugar shack

This is one of the things to do, but not necessarily the most exciting on the list. It's kind of fun to see how this syrup is harvested right off the trees. You'll also get a chance to eat solidified maple syrup on the snow.

6. Ice skating on a frozen lake

What could be more incredible than skating on a lake? Canadians are used to it and often bring their own equipment to make small tracks on the lake.

7. Dog sledding / Snowmobiling

A real must in winter. Choose to travel in a fun way through the vast territories of Canada while having an unusual means of transportation.

8. Kayak on a lake

In Canada, the lakes are huge and majestic, so you will have the privilege to relax while enjoying the landscape. As a bonus, it can also allow you to access certain beaches that are easier/only accessible by canoe.

9. Visit sites related to Aboriginal cultures.

You want to know more about Canada and its history? Now is the time to visit places that will enrich your knowledge. In Muskoka, you will find what you are looking for. Don't hesitate to look for pictographs and petroglyphs sites.

10. See a bear in its natural environment

By watching it from a distance of course! Safety first. It is always impressive to see one during a walk.

11. Observer la faune en centre ville

It's really something typically Canadian to observe animals walking around downtown from skunks to squirrels to raccoons, don't be surprised to see them everywhere. Here in Canada these animals in cities are considered as harmful.

12. Take your coffee at tim hortons...

And to realize that it is more useful as a hand warmer than in quality of the coffee.

13. Watch a sports game

Field hockey, Baseball or Basketball (with the raptors) take your pick! Lots of sports that are not only about the game itself but also the atmosphere around it to support your team! The field hockey games are quite expensive but really impressive.

14. Watch the Northern Lights

When you arrive in winter you will be able to observe these magnificent lights in the north of Canada, a magical spectacle.

15. See the Indian summer

During the fall, all the trees change colors, which gives rise to magnificent colors on the trees. You can tell by the picture!

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