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1 Year of Fizzy Travellers

When I started making this site, I was like anyone in front of a blank page. I didn't know where to start !! So I started by creating a website to take a step forward. At first I didn't know what to talk about, so I explained how to apply for a WHV. I read this article a few days ago by the way, and… wow it's very different from what I'm writting now!! But hey, that's the point of testing... in order to write articles as you go to take control and provide you with quality content!

Once this site opened, I created an Instagram account. So how I can tell you that in fact, before last year, I had never used Instagram in my life and I was completely lost! At first, I started to put a lot of pcitures but without being aware that there was an automatic crop. Yes you got it! In my first photos, my head was cut off at the forehead haha! To promote my Instagram account and my project, I started talking to people around me one by one.

The first time my site exploded was with the article 15 places in Toronto to get free things on your birthday . My site, which used to only host 20 or 30 people per post, suddenly started receiving over 1,000 people in 24 hours. I was surprised. My Instagram account has grown from 75 to 108 people. A real victory !!

Then, lock down arrived. Being stuck like most at home, I saw an opportunity to get really into this project. So I started translating my site into English, working on my Instagram account and creating content on a regular basis.

Over time, I start to understand more and more what works for me and what people need as I go through my administrative articles. I have also been alongside incredible people who have allowed me to travel and share many stories with you.

And I ended the year on a high note by wanting to write a little not serious article explaining why Toronto was better than Quebec . Oh boy! I did not expect such a mess caused by the latter. Messages from everywhere, people arguing in the comments. I reached my first article to almost 2,000 views, and it went further when it was shared on forums in Montreal and Radio Canada who contacted me for an interview.

But all that…. It would never have happened without you !! You, who follow me and who make me want to continue when I see your posts and comments. It really warms my heart. And the more we are in this community, the further we will go. Thanks to you, I was able for my 1 year to organize this contest with my little France by offering you to win a voucher (because we miss French food !!).

So I know that the context in which we are is not easy… But all together we will come out with more experience !! Heart on you (I would like to hug you all but you are 1,300 and there is covid)!

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