Which phone plan to choose for Canada ?

There is one thing you have to keep in mind: in Canada, telephone plans are very expensive. In Ontario for example a package including unlimited calls and with 4GB of Internet will cost on average between $ 50 and $ 60 per month! This is a lot! You’ll find the telephone comparators directly here to take a test (Ontario).

My advice if you’re French or Belgian is to adopt Free when you go to Canada. For 20 € per month, you’ll then have the possibility of having unlimited calls / text as well as 25GB of Internet (with excellent coverage!).

What are my rights with Free?

When I am in France, I can call all the countries you can see on the map below. On the other hand when I am in one of the countries outside France I can only call France (mobile / fixed) and the country where I am currently (fixed / mobile). Ex: I am in Canada, I can call all Canadian numbers, French but not American.

How long can I use this package?

All year round according to the Free site here, however, if we read the outline of the contract, if an abuse of data and calls is observed outside French territory for more than 4 months in a row, Free will reserve the right to overcharge you after notifying you (deadline of 15 days).

I don’t have time before departure how to take a free package?

It is quite possible to take a free package at the last minute. To do this, go to a Free store and order your Sim Card directly on an automatic terminal. A Sim Card will be delivered directly to you by the machine with a ready-to-use package. You can recharge the Sim Online every month and this operator is non-binding.

But most of the places and paperwork that you’ll fill out will ask you for a Canadian number. I advise you to install the TextMe application, it will allow you to have a Canadian number (depending on the connection internet) for just under € 10 per month. Once the Canadian number is chosen, when you receive a call, it will sound as if someone called you on your phone, and sms will be received on the application (which will work by internet).

With this Free + Text Me technique you’ll have unlimited SMS / calls and 25 GB of internet for only 30 €!

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