How to do your Tax in Canada?

Updated: Jan 26

You freshly arrived in Canada and you finally faced with this administrative process: tax. You know that your taxes are already deducted at source from your salary. Here it is more of a regularization. Follow me I give you the advice to make your first tax return 😉

INFO: The deadline to fill out your tax return is April 30th.

Know that there are several methods to fill your taxes, here we will see using a website and for an individual person.

Report with simple tax (free)

Beforehand, make sure you have your SIN number and your T4(s) in your possession. That’s corresponding to the sheets that your employer provides you at the start of 2021 (between January and March). It looks like the photo below. If you do not have them, then contact your employer to request them.

Once you have your slips and your SIN go to this website: simple tax

Click on start or continue a statement and create a new account. You will fill in personal information as well as the date of arrival in your current accommodation. The content is fairly well explained the fields easy to complete.

Be careful to look at your status when they ask if you were resident in Canada for tax 2020

If this is your first return, you do not have a CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) file. In the corresponding box, answer No and ask the site to create an ARC account for you.

After filling in your information, click on Check and optimize which is in the "Review" section. The site will then suggest that you make a request for assistance. My advice, try to do as much as possible, you have nothing to lose (beware, the aid below applies for Ontario only), for my part 3 were offered to me:

  • ACT, if you did not earn enough in 2020 this help can supplement your income

  • Ontario Trillum Benefit

  • Climate Action Indicator

Thus, the website takes care of giving you the amount of aid to which you are entitled and takes care of your request! Isn't life beautiful? After validating your declaration, I advise you to download it in PDF format.

The payment of your aid (if you get it) will be made within 2 weeks by receiving a check, or then within 3 days if you activate the Direct Deposit on the CRA website.

Manage your CRA account

Now that the simple tax site has created an account for you on the CRA, you can access it, you must go to the CRA site here. In option 2 chosen register with the CRA. You will then be asked for a NAS number when you register, once your profile has been recognized (and some information given) you will have access to your account. To validate your direct deposit information, you must validate your physical existence by calling the tax department who will ask you personal questions as well as your tax return to be sure you have the right person on the phone. For that call +1 800-959-7383

Once the CRA code obtained enter it in the verification box that appears when you connect. Finally on your page click on "Personal Profile" then manage your direct deposit data.

You're done ? It's perfect ! Now you are ready to receive your help within 3 working days!

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Other solutions: the government agency also offers a whole range of software and how to fulfill your taxes as an individual, find out more here.

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