Best of quarantine in Toronto

During confinement, there are behaviors and things we see worth sharing. Here are the best of what you may see in Toronto.

Protection for everyone

You may see this in the street! Even Toronto statues are required to protect themselves during this time!

physical distancing

Canadians have a lot of humor! In a Waterfront park, you are required to maintain a safety distance of 3 geese between each person.

The hydro-alcoholic gel of the scam

You see this little bottle? Well… when the stores were empty at the start of the quarantine, it was sold for $ 3 ... a great scam!

Stock up on water

In the same line as the antiseptic gel, clever little ones felt smart about ordering a huge amount of water in order to make money. Result, they end up with whole fleet pallets that they have no place to put in their store !!

Respect the distances with the cashier

He didn't respect anything ! He put a public bench downright in his shop so that customers respect the distance from the counter.

The strip club not happy

Study your geography

I recently learned that Montreal is also a village in Ardèche (France). It must be nice when you try to navigate by GPS.

Psychosis day

I went into a store to get a coffee to go, the person greeted me and asked me if I ordered online and/or over the phone. When I said No, he asked me to go out and order by phone. I find myself calling the store in front of his window to order a coffee ... While waiting for the person to prepare it for me, a woman calls me to find out if I intend to stay on the left or the right of the sidewalk. I make her understand that I do not move. She then asks me to respect the 6 feet distance, opens an umbrella, and points it in my direction to protect herself from my harmful presence.

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